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Animals depend upon us for care and safety. As owners, we are responsible for their health and behavior. With the large number of animals in the Borough, we must all do our part to observe borough ordinances and be responsible pet owners.

Borough Ordinances includes several important rules. A complete copy of the borough ordinance concerning animal ownership can be obtained from Animal Control or view information from the FNSB Code of Ordinance.

  • Owners must physically restrain their animals to their own property when they are not physically present.
  • Owners must have their animals on a leash when on public property or on someone else’s property.
  • Owners must provide adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care necessary to prevent suffering.
  • Owners must keep their dogs and cats current on rabies vaccinations.
  • Owners must restrain animals in vehicles so they cannot reach over the side of a truck or out of a window.
  • Owners must not tie animals on public property where they can impede traffic.
  • Owners must confine female dogs and cats in heat to prevent contact with male animals.
  • Owners must prevent their dogs from howling, barking or whining excessively.
  • Owners must remove their animal’s feces from any property they do not own (public or private).
Animal Control Officers may issue warnings, citations, or impound animals when owners fail to comply with Borough Ordinances.


The Animal Care section operates the animal shelter located at 2408 Davis Road. They provide care for domestic animals at the shelter, offering a clean, safe environment. Housing for impounded animals is provided as well as those waiting for adoption or being held in quarantine or protective custody. Shelter staff attempt to reunite lost or found animals with their owners. The shelter also offer low cost microchipping for your pet.

The Animal Control section has four Animal Control Officers that respond to complaints of loose, aggressive, barking, sick or injured animals, patrol for stray animals and investigate neglect or cruelty. Animal Control sponsors a low cost rabies immunization clinic every year in coordination with the local Veterinary Association.

Animal Control does not respond to wildlife issues. The Department of Fish and Game handles wildlife problems. They can be contacted at 459-7200.

While many owners in the Fairbanks North Star Borough manage their animals responsibly, others allow their animals to become public nuisances or threats to public safety.

Loose animals tear up trash, kill birds and livestock, poop in public areas and other people’s yards, get into fights, dig up gardens and flower beds, chase bicyclists and hikers, etc. They may become lost, injured, caught in traps, hit by vehicles or involved in bite incidents. Small animals are especially vulnerable to larger animals, domestic or wild.

  • Strays are picked up by Animal Control Officers or the general public and brought to the shelter. The shelter has live traps (dog and cat) available for people who wish to capture problem strays in their area. The shelter has indoor holding cages for animals dropped off after normal business hours.
  • Lost pets coming through the animal shelter are held as strays for 72 hours (without ID) and 120 hours (with identification). Animal information is on the web at PetHarbor.com and staff attempts to contact their owners. Concerned owners should come to the shelter to visually identify their pets. At the conclusion of the animal’s stray hold, they become the property of the borough and may be made available for adoption.
  • If your animal becomes a public nuisance by consistently running at large, barking excessively, etc., you may be cited for their behavior.
  • Animal bites that break a person’s skin must be reported immediately to Animal Control. The bite animal shall be quarantined for 10 days for observation. At the end of the quarantine period, the animal will be returned to its owner.
  • Complaints of cruelty and neglect are investigated by Animal Control Officers. If verified, these findings are forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency for prosecution.
  • Microchips provide positive, permanent identification for dogs and cats.
    Microchips are the best way to identify your pet. They are permanent and can’t come off a collar. The shelter uses international chips which are recognized worldwide. Microchips are $15 and available on a walk-in basis.

    Rabies vaccination is required by law for dogs, cats and ferrets according to the following schedule:
    • 1st vaccination .................................at 3 months of age
    • 2nd vaccination ................................1 year after first vaccination
    • Subsequent vaccinations ..................every 3 years
    Each year Animal Control holds a low-cost clinic rabies vaccination clinic. The location and details are published well in advance on the FNSB homepage and advertised in the media.


    Euthanasia is humanely performed by certified euthanasia technicians, using injectable euthanasia solution. The goal is that the animal feels no fear, pain or stress. Bodies can be cremated or returned to the owner for burial. Both services are provided to borough residents free of charge. The shelter is unable to return animal’s ashes.

    Dedicated volunteers are always welcome and we have numerous volunteer opportunities available. Download a Volunteer application. Call us at 459-1451, option 4, for more information.


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