​Assembly Members​

The legislative powers are vested in an Assembly. The Assembly is composed of nine, elected officials, each elected at​-large, for three year staggered terms. 

NOTE: Written communications with public officials generally are considered a public record and subject to disclosure (viewing and/or copying of the communication) pursuant to a public records request. ​​

To contact the full Assembly you may either send an email to assembly@fnsb.us, use the contact form provided on this page, or mail to PO Box 71267, Fairbanks, AK 99707. Written communications to individual Assembly Members regarding current matters before the Assembly will be copied to the full Assembly.

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  • Mindy O'Neall
    Seat C - Deputy Presiding Officer
    Term Expires: 10/22
    Phone: (907) 727-3887
  • Leah Berman Williams
    Seat G - Finance Committee Chair
    Term Expires: 10/21
    Phone: (907) 347-4021
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Borough Clerk's Office

Phone (907) 459-1401
Fax (907) 459-1224


April Borough Clerk - smaller size.jpg

April Trickey, CMC
Borough Clerk
Phone:(907) 459-1402


 Adena Deputy Clerk.jpg        

Adena Benn, CMC
Deputy Clerk
Phone:(907) 459-1412

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