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Upcoming Community Meetings on potential land use and density limitations in the Accident Potential Zone: please join us!

Monday, August 21, 6:00-8:00 pm at Moose Creek Fire Station (3481 Old Richardson Highway)

Wednesday, August 23, 6:00-8:00 pm at Noel Wien Library auditorium (1215 Cowles St)

The format and topics covered will be the same in both meetings. There will be a short presentation followed by questions and general discussion at each meeting. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​jlusimage.jpgThe Department of Defense's Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) program helps communities and adjacent military installations to plan for compatible development. In 2005, Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base both nominated the FNSB for a study. The FNSB JLUS​ was completed in July 2006 and includes 57 recommended actions to promote compatibility.

Both military bases and the borough continue work on implementation of the recommended actions.

In December 2015, the Assembly adopted the Military Noise Overlay. This advisory noise overlay is intended to inform any interested party that this area is likely to experience noise related to military arms and flight activity.

​You can learn more by reviewing this overview presentation given to the Chamber of Commerce on August 8, 2017: ​JLUSPresentation_Chamber_2017-0808.pdf

APZ: Accident Potential Zone

The military has defined the Accident Potential Zone as the area where accidents are most likely to occur based on an analysis of historical aircraft accidents. The primary purpose of the APZ is to promote public health, safety and welfare by preventing additional high-density uses from being developed in the APZ. High-density uses gather large groups of people together and include schools, multi-family housing, theaters, medical facilities, etc.

Is your property in the Accident Potential Zone? Check these maps for the APZ boundaries for both military bases:

Eielson APZ Overview

Eielson APZ Land Use

Eielson APZ Zoning

FWW APZ Overview

FWW APZ East Land Use

FWW APZ West Land Use

FWW APZ East Zoning​

FWW APZ West Zoning

Safety/Density Community Meeting #1

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