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      Buy Directly- No Public Auction Needed!

      If you own property adjacent to Borough owned land, have a lease or mining claim on Borough owned land or adjacent to Borough owned land, you may qualify!

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visit www.fnsblandsales.com

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  • North Shanly Area Development Plan

  • The Draft Area Development Plan for North Shanly is ready for public review and comment. Please click on the links below to view the plan and associated documents. Send comments to srowton@fnsb.us.
  • A Financial Feasibility Plan is expected by early 2019 that will help to direct the terms of a future sale or development agreement.  Concurrently, Land Management will be working with the Department of Community Planning to begin the entitlement process (correcting zoning, replatting or vacation of lot lines, etc).


  • Call if you have questions or comments about the plan and the ongoing activities surrounding this future project, or visit www.fnsblandsales.com for the latest update.