Report a Discharge


​ If you have information about pollutants being discharged to the storm drain system, street surfaces, roadside ditches, and/or directly to a waterway, please email Chad Hosier, or call (907) 459-1321 with the following information.

  • Date & Time of Incident
  • Location (be specific)
  • Pollutant Source  & Type (if known)
  • Responsible Party (if known)
  • Your Contact Info


 Report a Discharge

​Local Examples of Illicit Discharges:

Contaminated snow from a parking lot dumped into slough. ​Contaminted Snow Engine oil poured into storm drain inlet.​oil on road
Grass clippings disposed on river bank.grass on river bank Hydraulic oil spill on street surface.oil on road
Landscaping dirt placed near storm drain inlet.dirt in road Soapy water from a commercial carwash discharged to river.soapy river

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