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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Clear the Air, Paths to Attainment"  Conference & Expo

Westmark Hotel  813 Noble St., Fairbanks, AK 99701

September 26-28, 2016


The FNSB Administration invited air quality experts from a variety of government entities and industries to share information on success stories, regulatory issues, new technologies and health concerns.  Click on a link in the "Presentation" column below to ​download the power point slides or the audio. 

Please note:  Presentation audio will be posted as soon as possible.

Monday, September 26

​​Pre​s​e​​nta​​tion Title​​​Presenter​Presentations
​Introduction  & Welcome​FNSB Mayor Karl W. Kassel AUDIO
"​​​​PM 2.5 Planning Activities Past, Present, & Yet to Come"​Bob Dulla, Sierra Research PD​F​   ​AUDIO
"​PM 2.5 Implementa​​tion​ Rule"​​ Justin Spenillo, EPA Region 10​ PDF​   AUDIO
​"Working​​​ together for clean air: A carro​​t and a nudge: large scale approaches to residential wood smoke in the Tacoma non-attainment area" Phil Swartzendrub​er, Ph. D., Puget Sound Clean Air​​ ​PDF   AUDIO
"FMATS 101 & Air Quality implications on the transportation planning process" ​Donna Gardino, Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System PD​​F​   AUDIO
​"Impacts of air quality non-attainment on local industry"​​ ​Kathleen Hook (Doyon Utilities), Frances M. Isgrigg (University of Alaska), David Fish (Aurora Energy) PDF   AUDIO​​
​"Results from spatial and temporal analysis of the composition of fine particulates in Fairbanks, AK​"​ ​​Kristian Nattinger, UAF P​​DF​​
​"What is the process to make an air quality complaint?"​Ron Lovell, FNSB Air QualityAUDIO
​​"Everything you wanted to know about air quality but were afraid to ask"​Panel Discussion


Tuesday, September 27

Presentation Title​ ​Presenter​Presentations
​Introduction & Welcome​Kathleen Hook, Doyon Utilities
​"Woodstove change outs, 30 years of moving families to cleaner heat" and "Understanding the limitations of the EPA's method to test woodstoves and ​what that might mean for Fairbanks, AK"​ John Crouch, Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association​ PD​F​​​
​"Secondary Combustion​ Wood Stove 101" ​Dan Henry, 5G3 ConsultingPDF​​​
​"Air Quality Monitoring in the Fairbanks​ North Star Borough" ​Ron Lovell, FNSB Air Quality PDF​​   AUDIO
​"Gas Stove Direct Vent Propane and Natural Gas Heaters" ​Dan Henry, 5G3 Consulting PDF​   AUDIO
​"Biomass Gasification and Combined Heat and Power"​Ben Loeffler, FNSB Energy ManagementPDF   AUDIO
​"Speaking of wood stoves" ​Chris Neufeld (Blaze King Industries), Allen Carroll (Applied Ceramics) PDF​​
​"Pellet Stove Design and Technology 101" ​Dan Henry, 5G3 ConsultingPDF​​​
​"Meteorology of a Fairbanks Winter: Making Sense of that Crazy Inversion" ​​Rick Thoman, National Weather Service PDF
​"Technology Solutions to PM2.5"​Panel Discussion ​​AUDIO


Wednesday, September 28

​Presentation Title​​ ​Presenter​Presentations
​Introduction & Welcome​Kathryn Dodge, Ph. D., FNSB AssemblyAUDIO
​"Pollution inside and out; a clinician's perspective"​​ ​Timothy Foote, M.D., Tanana Valley Clinic PDF   AUDIO
​"Fine to breathe?"​Frank Yaska, Tanana Chiefs Conference PDF​​
​"Air Quality Burden on lung hea​​lth and effective strategies to improve indoor air quality" ​Maegan Weltzin, Ph. D., American Lung Association P​​DF​​​