​Today's Fairbanks Forecast
    • 2018-02-17

      There are no air quality advisories or alerts in effect at this time.
Today's North Pole Forecast
    • 2018-02-17

      There are no air quality advisories or alerts in effect at this time.


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How To Build A Wood Shed

Building a wood shed doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.  Watch this video to see one example of a wood shed.

A Message from Our Mayors

There's no denying we have a major air quality problem.  Ignoring it won't make it go away.  It's our responsibility!


A Message from Mayor Ward

We all value our freedom, including the freedom to heat with wood. Let's work together to clean up our air!


This image generally updates every 5 minutes.  The camera is operated by the Alaska DEC Air Quality office.

How do I know if there is an air alert in effect?
There are several ways to find out what the air quality forecast is, and whether or not any air alerts are in effect:Sign up for text and/or email alerts at fnsb.us/transportation/Pages/AQ-Advisory-Sign-up-Form.aspx
Follow us on FaceBook. 
Visit AQFairbanks.com. 
Be on the lookout for the electronic highway signs posted around the community. 
Watch the evening news. 
Call (907) 459-1234 for a recording of the daily air quality forecast. 
Download our mobile app at m.fnsb.us/aq
4 months ago
What are air alerts & what happens if one is called?
During the winter months (October 1st - March 31st), whenever we are forecast to have poor air quality, the Borough’s air quality division may call a stage 1 or stage 2 alert, which affects those that heat with solid fuel (e.g. cord wood, pellets or coal) in the Air Quality Control Zone, which is divided into a Fairbanks and a North Pole area (click here to view the map).

Stage 1 Alert -- Burning is ONLY permitted if a person has a Stage 1 Waiver or a No Other Adequate Source of Heat (NOASH) Waiver.  Waivers will only be granted for Borough listed solid fuel burning appliances (e.g. EPA certified wood and pellet stoves with emissions rating of 2.5 g/hr or less, EPA certified hydronic heaters with an emission rating of 0.10 lbs/million btu or less, masonry heaters, cook stoves, and fireplaces).  Called when the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) exceeds or is forecast to exceed 25 micrograms/m3.
Stage 2 Alert -- All burning of solid fuel (e.g. cord wood, pellets, coal) is prohibited.  No fuel source may be added to the combustion chamber or firebox of any solid fuel burning appliance or waste/used oil  burning  appliance.  Called when the concentration of PM2.5 exceeds or is forecast to exceed 35 micrograms/m3.

These restrictions DO NOT apply during a power failure, and the Borough offers a waiver for those who are unable to comply and meet certain criteria.  Click here for more information on the waivers.
For more information visit the Air Quality website at AQFairbanks.com or call our office at (907) 459-1005.

4 months ago