**Fairbanks North Star Borough Air Quality Office Closed to Public Access Until Further Notice**

As a precautionary measure to COVID-19, Air Quality staff will have limited operations starting March 19th, 2020 and until further notice.

We are available by phone Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, at the main office number (907) 459-1005.  Questions about the Change Out Programs can also be sent to the main office email at aqip@fnsb.us. Please check for updates on our website at AQFairbanks.com and facebook.com/AQFairbanks/. 



The Fairbanks North Star Borough will experience highly variable levels of forest fire smoke, (PM2.5 fine particulate), as smoke from forest fires in the Interior blow in and out of the Borough area.  Levels will vary from area to area, depending on the wind direction.

 For the current PM2.5 values, please visit the Borough Air Quality Current Conditions and Map page:  http://data.fnsb.us/airquality/AQNearRealTime. You can then click on the Fairbanks or North Pole pins to see the current AQI, and click on the "More Instrument Data" for hourly details.  

The Air Quality Guide to Particle (PM2.5) Pollution with Cautionary and Health Statements can be found on the Air Quality 3 Day Forecast Page:   


Another tool you may find helpful is to visit this PM2.5 forecasting model, http://smoke.alaska.edu/PM25.html, click on "Forecasts," then click on "Particulate Matter PM2.5."   You can pause the model run and go hourly into the future forecast by hitting the double >> button.

​Today's Fairbanks Forecast

    • 2020-08-13

​​Today's North Pole Forecast

    • 2020-08-13


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How To Build A Wood Shed

Building a wood shed doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.  Watch this video to see one example of a wood shed.

A Message from Our Mayors

There's no denying we have a major air quality problem.  Ignoring it won't make it go away.  It's our responsibility!


A Message from Mayor Ward

We all value our freedom, including the freedom to heat with wood. Let's work together to clean up our air!


This image generally updates every 5 minutes.  The camera is operated by the Alaska DEC Air Quality office.

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