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How to Ride the Bus


​​​​​​1. Look at the Bus Route Map

Determine what bus route you need to take and where that bus goes to. If the bus does not go where you need to go, determine which bus will get you there and where you can change from one bus to the other.
For example, if you want to travel from South Cushman to the University of Alaska, you cannot get there without changing buses. You would first take the Purple Line to the Transit Center, then change to either the Red Line or Blue Line to finish your trip.

2. Plan the Trip

Determine what time the bus comes by a location closest to your departure point. This can be determined by looking at the route schedule. Look for a location on the route that is close to your departure point. The locations can be seen across the top of the schedule. Then read down the column of times to find one closest to the time you want to travel. The bus will come around that time.

3. Board the Bus

When the bus arrives, stay on the curb until the bus stops and the front doors open. All the buses can "kneel" or tilt down toward the curb to make boarding easier. If you’re not sure whether the bus goes where you need to go, ask the bus driver.

4. Pay Your Fare

The farebox is directly in front of you as you board the bus. Have exact change to pay your fare; bus drivers do not carry change. If you have a day pass or monthly pass, please have it ready to show the driver when you board the bus.

5. Ride Safely

Take a seat. If there is no seat available, use the grab bars for balance and move to the back of the bus. There’s usually more room there. Please keep your packages and personal belongings out of the aisles.

6. Signal the Driver to Stop

When you are a block away from your destination stop, signal that you would like to exit the bus by pulling the bell cord located above you. The bus will stop at the route’s next stop.

7. Get Off the Bus

Stay in your seat until the bus stops. For your safety, wait for the bus to leave before crossing the street. If you have any questions, please ask the bus driver.

8. Transferring Buses

If you need to change buses, you will have to pay a fare each time you get on a bus. For riders using the bus two or more times a day, it will save you money and time to purchase a day pass. Day passes can be purchased from any bus driver.

9. Questions

If you have any questions about changing buses or where to get off the bus near your destination, please ask the driver. They will help make your trip as easy as possible.

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